Atlassian Design for Bootstrap v5.2

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FastBootstrap is a free, open source frontend framework that provides beautifully crafted components and utility-first CSS, built on Bootstrap and Atlassian Design. The perfect starting point for your next project.

100% compatibility with Bootstrap
npm install fastbootstrap
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Compiled CSS & JS

Quickly start use the compiled CSS & JS files on your project via jsDelivr.

CSS[email protected]/dist/css/fastbootstrap.min.css

JS[email protected]/dist/js/fastbootstrap.min.js


Over 40+ professionally designed, expertly crafted components and 300+ UI elements ready for your next project.

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Atlassian Design

Atlassian design is a design system developed by Atlassian which to create simple, intuitive and beautiful experiences.

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For free, open souce under MIT license, contribute by the community.

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