Lozenge is a visual indicator used to highlight an item’s status for quick recognition.

Bootstrap 5 Lozenge component

Lozenge from Atlassian design that used to highlight an item’s status for quick recognition by the user. Lozenge is similar as the badge component.

Basic example

The base Lozenge style does not apply a background color.

Default Success Removed New In progress Moved
Default Success Removed New In progress Moved
<span class="fs-sm fw-semibold">Subtle</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-neutral-40 text-neutral-500">Default</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-green-50 text-green-500">Success</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-red-50 text-red-500">Removed</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-purple-50 text-purple-500">New</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-blue-50 text-blue-500">In progress</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-yellow-75">Moved</span>
<span class="fs-sm fw-semibold">Bold</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-neutral-500 text-white">Default</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-green-400 text-white">Success</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-red-400 text-white">Removed</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-purple-400 text-white">New</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-blue-400 text-white">In progress</span>
  <span class="lozenge bg-yellow-500">Moved</span>

Overflowed Lozenge

For longer text in lozenges, you can add a .text-truncate class to truncate the text with an ellipsis. Avoid truncation wherever possible by using shorter text in lozenges.

Status list

Lozenges are either subtle or bold and use color to indicate meanings that users can learn and recognize across products.

DefaultFor a general status or state, such as: to do, unavailable, minor, not started.
SuccessRepresent constructive status or state, such as: available, completed, approved, resolved, added.
RemovedRepresent a critical or problematic status or state, such as: errors, declined, deleted, failed.
In progressRepresent an in progress or current status or state, such as: in progress, open, modified.
NewRepresent a new status or state, such as: new, created, help.
MovedRepresent a status or state for items that have been changed and require attention, such as: busy, blocked, missing, warning.
long text which truncates
<span class="lozenge lozenge-success text-truncate" style="width: 150px;">long text which truncates</span>