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Use the CDN, install source files via package manager, or download the source code to get started.

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Install via package manager

Install FastBootstrap’s source Sass and JavaScript files via npm, RubyGems.


$ npm install fastbootstrap

or download the souce code

Download the latest version

Include via CDN

When you only need to include FastBootstrap’s compiled CSS or JS, you can use jsDelivr.


<link href="[email protected]/dist/css/fastbootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" integrity="sha256-ywOwZUVHXdYvx4hw3+x4KBDt8Fb8cks0iorq4Tzeshg=" crossorigin="anonymous">


<script src="[email protected]/dist/js/fastbootstrap.min.js" integrity="sha256-o0tNXN7ia0O9G0qNbrzBkEEiQTv+GeW5EO4LjnfDkZk=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

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CSS Utilities

CSS Utilities

Utilities provide the building any design for layout or componsed that help us avoid writing custom styles, much simpler than Bootstrap.

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Beautiful components that craft designed with Atlassian Design, make it easy to start for your next project. All components supports dark mode.

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