What’s New

Overview of our FastBootstrap theme, what’s different from Bootstrap.

FastBootstrap is a beautiful Bootstrap theme and extend a lot of Utilities CSS and components to help developers write less CSS, its fully compatible with Bootstrap 5.

If you want to migrate Bootstrap to new FastBootstrap, make sure to read this article before migrating.

Bootstrap Spacers

The Bootstrap’s $spacers maximum value is only 3rem, and there are only 5 classes, which is not enough when we are designing.


All of the “Margin” classes, including mx-{value}, my-{value}, m{x|y}-{breakpoint}-{value}. See the Margin utilitie for more Margin CSS.



All of the “Padding” classes, including px-{value}, py-{value}, p{x|y}-{breakpoint}-{value}. See the Padding utilitie for more Padding CSS.



All of the “Gap” classes, including row-gap-{value}, column-{value}, gap-{breakpoint}-{value}. See the Gap utilitie for more Gap CSS.